Saturday, June 2, 2007

Courage through Cancer

Yesterday I found out that a former friend of mine-- one of those who 'came to my life for a reason, or season, but not a lifetime', had a double mastectomy last year. She's young, early 40s, exquisitely beautiful; a woman of great heart. A Double Mastectomy. Cancer. After my initial surprise, our mutual friend said, "She looks great. She's had implants, and still feels wonderful about herself." This is still settling in for me...the Courage. To move through something as grave and challenging as this must have been for her- and to know on the 'other side' of it, she knows still, how beautiful she is. That's Power. That's Courage. Someone admiring my work today asked via email, "Where do you find your inspiration?" He thought I was being modest when I responded, "From the women who sit before me." I meant it. Women are amazing, Powerful Beings. As are Men. But I just love Being a woman, and having women of this level of infinate persepective and gratitude in my life, even if it is for a season. I send a wish from the deepest place in my heart for all women who are moving through the challenge of breast cancer. Thank you to the Susan B. Komen Organization; My biological mother died of breast cancer when I was 5 years old. I recently found out that as she fell ill when I was 3, she began telling me to speak with her after her passing. That she will always be with me. This is how I Know, with undisputable Truth, that I am held; by ancestors, by Spirit, by God, Saints or Angels... whatever name each of us chooses; I am held. So are you. I take a moment to bow to my former friend, Alicia. I am grateful for her life. That her life is present here with us. I hope I can paint her one day. And I'm grateful for her inspiration and our time spent together. And for my own health and well being. And for yours. Blessings, Robbi

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karen said...

robbie are a true inspiration to all who cross your alone are a work of art..glad to see you have come so far with your best is always with you...karen the tool girl