Friday, June 1, 2007

Ashes and Snow Magic


Ever check out the website You must, if not.

Artwork of such power and beauty makes me hungrier to be alive. To Breathe. This is True Artistry. Alchemy. I could only hope that my work shows a degree of this integrity….

I went briefly in my studio hungry for a 30 minute project. Any ideas? Kinda tough when painting in oil… my art journal is a good option….but I didn’t have that pile of papers and glue ready at hand for a swift kickdown on paper…you wanna see a REAL Art Journal? Check out ( This woman cranks from a creative place superhuman and papayalicious. She is the one who inspired me to emerge from my pain-in-the-butt seriousness into loving myself through art journaling. I burst into tears when she said she was moving from LA and I’m sure I freaked her out! I never told her that just by her Being Who she is, she inspired me to live my art again…that she actually gave it back to me after 20 years without her even knowing.

Anyway. I hope she inspires you too. And she is a magnificent woman. Buy her stuff. I do constantly.

Time to say goodbye to it. It’s finally time for me to start another book and really get creative. Blow the roof off and burn the doors down. (Maybe start by just kicking the doors down?). All the pages aren’t complete, but somehow a chapter of my life is closed, and I don’t know what closed it. Oh, maybe the ending of my Practitioner Class. I feel complete. I have a feeling I’m about to embark on a journey taking myself much less seriously. (thank God and FINALLY!) If you catch me being to sincere, call me on it. K?

Guess what? I got a call from Big Brothers Big Sisters today, and they think they have my lil’ Sis match for me. An initial, milli-second sharp breath of fear (‘oh my GOD! Responsibility! What have I gotten myself into?!) was immediately replaced by this crazy sense of excitement at my ‘counselors’ description of this young, energetic, creative girl.

I asked ‘why me?’ and he said the word ‘goofy’ several times…um…um…ok, some of my friends call me Anne of Green Gables, yes, but I like to think of myself as…you know--a sophisticated city girl. Hopes dashed once again. Yes. The Truth. I’m goofy, I’m a farm girl, everybody knows it no matter how lush my paintings and studio. Drat. Anyway, my ‘most likely’ lil’ Sis sounds absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to meet her now!

I had an amazing mentor growing up who took me under her wing for the next 25 years, and my life was changed for always, Good ways. Could I possibly have something to contribute to this young ones life? I truly heart-hope so.

I’ve longed for a while to balance my Self centered life with service from my heart--not just serving on Boards of the Hollywood Council of the Arts, or Spiritual communities using my business savvy, but actually, truly, giving from my HEART. Its time.

Moving from the razzle-dazzle big city LA lights to the blooming little art city of Tacoma has enabled me to really settle into my own skin. Just to feel some focus.

I reconnected with a magnificent artist friend of mine from LA who is moving to Ojai…and we talked about the simple joy of meeting girlfriends for coffee each Wednesday morning and talking about their kids, yard sales, our wills…(yeah. Wills. How’s yours coming along? Hint. You are gonna die.) Anyway, in Los Angeles, meeting girlfriends weekly for coffee logistically could simply not happen. We were lucky if we could squeeze in a night of one full moon circle a month! (eeeek! Yes, Wicca!!!)

Now, when there is an art happening (like a crazy fun one coming up here put on by the Tacoma Museum of Art called ‘the Iron Artist), I can go! And all the other groovy fun artists will go! Because there aren’t 1,000,000 other things to choose from that particular night.

I dunno. I miss Agape I miss some friends. I definately miss the weather,,, but you know what I don’t miss? Not knowing myself.

This is good. Today was a nice day. I love my new life. I love Love.

See ya!

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