Friday, June 1, 2007

Big Bros Big Sisters; the Alchemy of a Lil 'Sis


Guess what? I got a call from Big Brothers Big Sisters today, and they think they have my lil’ Sis match for me.

An initial, milli-second sharp breath of fear (‘oh my GOD! Responsibility! What have I gotten myself into?!) was immediately replaced by this crazy sense of excitement at my ‘counselors’ description of this young, energetic, creative girl.

I asked ‘why me?’ and he said the word ‘goofy’ several times… um…um…ok, some of my friends call me Anne of Green Gables, yes, but I like to think of myself as…you know--a sophisticated city girl. Hopes dashed once again. Yes. The Truth. I’m goofy, I’m a farm girl, everybody knows it no matter how lush my paintings and studio. Drat. Anyway, my ‘most likely’ lil’ Sis sounds absolutely incredible and I can’t wait to meet her now!

I had an amazing mentor growing up who took me under her wing for the next 25 years, and my life was changed for always, Good ways. Could I possibly have something to contribute to this young ones life? I truly heart-hope so.

I’ve longed for a while to balance my Self centered life with service from my heart-- not just serving on Boards of the Hollywood Council of the Arts, or Spiritual communities using my business savvy, but actually, truly, giving from my HEART. Its time to give my time, not just my tithe.

Moving from the razzle-dazzle big city LA lights to the blooming little art city of Tacoma has enabled me to really settle into my own skin. Just to feel some focus; be more real, and move more into my heart space.

Who woulda thunk it? (I'm gonna teach my 'lil to speak like that...whaddah ya think?) : )

This is good. Today was a nice day. I love my new life. I love Love.

See ya!

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