Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Agape Show comes together...in my living room!!!!

HI Everyone! what a great day! My living room is filled with all my pieces prepping for the Agape show! Also, a letter came today from Morgan James Publishing telling me they have accepted my proposal! AND I got a call from Hollywood...MORE DEtails to come (when I know what I can say because I signed a non-disclosure agreement with the production company!!!!) in this video you get to meet my project manager, Lauren. She's amazing. I met her becuase I wanted to paint her...shes a gorgeous person,,, an artist and business woman like me! I am fortunate to have her supporting my biz.... See you soon (at Agape, Nov. 8, 6-9....)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dia de los Muertos!

Hi Folks! I'm at the coolest gallery in the Pacific Northwest: Tacoma's own Two Vaults Gallery owned and operated by Paula Tutmarc. She is by far the hippest chic in the little city, anchoring the art community with her keen eye and brilliant sensibilities and fun, open hearted vibe. She creates the most wonderful expereinces for both patron and artist, eliminating the snobbery of the art establishment. I dig on her. Paula is the woman to know if you wanna know. Check out Two Vaults Gallery for Great Buys on GREAT ART! (no joke. Great art!)

Santa Monica Beach...ummmm, I'm home!

Hellooooo my friends...here is where I'm happiest...my home beach in Santa Monica where I overcome my fear of sharks (thank you my beloved surfer boyfriend, always), met the dearest people of my life, learned of Burning Man on all levels and comforted myself in times of great challenge. This day I enjoyed a 4 mile walk in the sand. ummmmmmm,,,,,, wanna go to the beach with me?

Robbi Firestone as Correspondent for Seen TV, How fun!!!

I just got the video from the Luly Yang Couture show, 20/20! After a night of playing Correspondent for Seen TV, I had a blast! Check it out! http://www.teamphotogenic.com/seen/2008-luly-yang-couture-runway-show-8947.html

Friday, October 17, 2008

Agape Gallery Opening

So Excited! Dr. Michael Beckwith (of the bestselling book and movie "the Secret") has put my show up on their website! I just love being affiliated with this spiritual center! It is my home,,, where I feel most fed. Please come and meet my friends and clients from across the country at my Gallery opening on November 8, 2008 at Agape International Spiritual Center! My community all under one roof, can you imagine? Love, Robbi

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seen TV at Luly Yang Couture 20/20 Show

I had such fun last night at the Luly Yang Couture 20/20 Show last night! As a Correspondent for Seen TV, enjoyed the playtime backstage. Its Barbie dressup for big girls!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mark Victor Hansen and Robbi Firestone

Isn't Mark Victor Hansen hunky? Kinda reminds me of Batman without the cape. He creating doing such great things on the planet...a true Do-Gooder. Those are definately the most amazing men....

Luly Yang Couture Fitting with Robbi Firestone

Senior Design Consultant Lina Zeineddine helps me choose 'what to wear!' for Luly Yang's 20/20 Runway Show taking place tomorrow night in Seattle at Jonas Jensens' Studios...we had such fun!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Revolutionary Publisher David Hancock

Check out my first video blog with David Hancock at Author101University.com! Blessings, Robbi