Friday, May 29, 2009

Remember Me

My father is a "Lifer" Marine. Vietnam 2 tours, Korea 1, front lines. 28 years in the service. Although I am opposed to war, I believe in the Freedom we share as Americans. The reason I have luxury to say, "I am opposed to war," is because men and women like my father commit their lives to keeping me protected. "Thank You Soldier." I say this to each person I see in an airport, a mall, a restaurant. I invite you to go out of your comfort zone and say those words. You will be greeted with a deep gratitude-honor these men and women. My dad left the Marines, the first real family he ever knew, to take care of me when I was 4. My mom died and he sacrificed his career, his 30 year retirement, his true love of the Marines to care for my sister and I in the best way he could-by releasing the Corps. This is a real man, my Dad. I am so proud to be his daughter. Fortunately I had the opportunity to take my Dad to the Marine Corps Museum outside of Quantico VA where he was the Operations Chief of the base. It was one of the highlights of my life, watching him introduce me to his world; a world of sandbags, tanks, guns, and Honor, Integrity and Love. It was a day I will never, ever forget. Please watch this video made by a 15 year old Lizzie Palmer. It means something to each of us who enjoy living a free life in America; free to choose...pretty much everything. Blessings, Robbi

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Surprises Never Cease

Will surprises never cease? Barbara Taylor, author of the incredible book Income Without a Job wrote about my Vision Journaling workshop she attended! This teaches me that when I follow my bliss, people step even more fully into following theirs, and I get lucky enough to be put in an article about her book! Fun! Thank you Barbara Taylor! I love you for this! Blessings, Robbi


This beautiful woman, Tara-jenelle Walsh, is the creator of a movement of love and connection called 'Soulcialize'. An expert 'connector', she insists on living a life filled with authenticity, excellence and beauty. I feel honored to have been featured on her site as someone who inspires her, as she has inspired me from the moment we met years ago. This woman is up to very, very big things, committed to leaving this world in better shape than she found it. Go find her...Blessings, Robbi

Rubber Duckies and the Great Mystery

Currently I feel like one of those rubber duckies spilled from a freight liner...originally headed to California. May end up in Greenland, for all I know. Good thing is, I ALWAYS FLOAT and believe the currents will land me in the right spot. The world is a wild place...and I love the great mystery of it. One 'current' mystery is the absolute, immediate positive response to my new Vision Journaling workshops. Each person who attends is asked, "is there anything you learned or revealed to/about yourself through this process..." and the answers are profound. From deciding to finish college after a 20 year hiatus, to coming out of the closet, folks are allowing their conscious mind to be informed by their subconscious, through art! I am truly loving this new venture/adventure of supporting others to create more enriched lives through creativity. I've found a big part of my 'niche' in the world. And I'm excited. So I look at all these gorgeous, hot weather images in my own vision journal and wonder if the manifestation of my southern home will be now, or later. Only time will tell. Yesterday I mentioned to a friends that right now my life feels like riding in a gorgeous Pors-che (2 syllables, I've been informed many a time!). I'm in the passengers seat saying to God, "How about that exit?" the car blazes on. "Or that one?" passes it. "That one?" I'm just sitting back, doing due diligence and creating my art. Enjoying the velocity and the lumbar support, letting the wind whip my hair and now, I'm closing my eyes to enjoy the ride. I say to life, "BRING IT!!!!" GGGGGRRRRRRrrrrrrr