Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wild Bill and Dyann

It is a sheer joy to know people as generous and loving as this exquisite couple. I am grateful that they entrusted me to paint their oil portraits. Now dear friends of mine, their philantropic and fun loving nature inspires me, keeping me evermore committed to my own charitable giving.

Off the easel...

Hi Everyone! I'm so excited as I've completed another new oil portrait, and would love your thoughts! Blessings, Robbi

Another Dream Fulfilled

This summer has been a time of completion in my life. A bit embarrassed, I've decided to 'out' myself. While business blossomed exponetially, I completed one last year of college, earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts at University of Washington. I feel a profound mixture of feelings around this late in life accomplishment: mainly vulnerabilty, deep fulfillment...and relief! This is my handsome father and his lovely wife. The best gift I've recieved in many years was his decision to participate in achieving yet another long awaited dream- accepting my diploma! (The other best gift? He gave me braces. You have no idea how ugly a child I was with buck this day I thank my dad for sacrificing so much to make that happen....and now for attending my graduation. Thanks Dad!) 2008 is my year of completion. What have you done to create a better life for yourself this year? I intend to attend seminars (Harv Eker and Tony Robbins), travel (villa in Tuscany anyone?), and fully focus on my portraits. I've just returned from Italy and Switzerland... With homework gone (ugh! thank goodness!) I've commited to writing more about my travels, works and activities. Visit my blog and add your thoughts as we explore our co-creative, expansive lives together.