Thursday, September 25, 2008

What is your Totem?

It's the little things. when I was a little girl, I swam in rivers and played Barbies in creeks. I broke my Easter duck Mitsy's leg trying to help it, and my dad splinted it for $200 at the vet (cursing the whole while under his breath, but not letting me know until 20 years later). Life lessons were everywhere in nature. We had this 70s green electric company reader box outside our house. It hummed with significance, insinuating that the most horrifying power was hidden beneath a simple shell metal, breachable (I'm sure) by the most subtle childhood act... not running a tree wheeler into it, mind you, but like, if I trip I'll hit it, burst through and be electricuted/fried like a fly in the summer window ledge. Crispy. Period. But Oh!, Oh the mystery of the ants which lived beneath this humming vortex of power. They, fearless and steadfast in nature, disappeared in orderly streams day and night beneath the electric mass above their home. How in the heck could they withstand that sound? This is where my fascination with ants began. For years I sat beside their stream--infinite numbers of teeny black scouts and workers marching their way to and fro, touching antenna in the most delicate kiss of information exchange. Did they say 'I love you' like I would? Or were they communicating complex coordinates, latitude longitude depth wideth height properties of challenges and food sources? I challenged them daily...built damns in their way, piled little sticks and twigs to throw them off their path. Not to harm, but to watch their problem solving capabilites...and steadfast and true was their journey always. They never lost their way. They always led each other around the obstacle with that little kiss. They communicated constantly, urging each other toward the common vision for their colony. They suppported Oneness of Self in every move and breath and journey. They are my heros. Ant as Totem. The tiny black ones which so many people try to kill. They are beautiful teachers. Last night at my favorite store (Dragonfly, Tacoma) of a favorite friend, I came across a little bracelet with a black ant inside. My totem has reintroduced itself to my world after given it nary a thought for years. I wonder, "waht will you teach me now?" We shall see how Ant as Totem shall guide me onward through this electric hum vortex that is my life protected by the slightest shells....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rickie Byars Beckwith, Spiritual Celebrity Songstress

Rickie Byars Beckwith is a force to be reckoned wtih. Woman lover sage wild child magician creative, she is unstoppable...celebrity of the most authentic loving and talented kind. I hung out with Rickie and her girls, welcomed to her Bawdy Babe tribe. Rickie inspires me to love being a wild woman. Thank god!!! Rickie's hubby, Dr. Michael Beckwith is hosting my upcoming gallery show at Agape. Michael is the visionary from the best selling book 'the Secret'. Check out to connect with my home community in Los Angeles...and wish me luck on my November 8th opening at Agape!!!!

Backstage with Fergie

Backstage with Fergie last night...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Emerging the 'Right' from Within...

Packed with profound learning, this week I met remarkable people at (dig this), "The Worlds Greatest Marketing Seminar!" At this business seminar, I met one of the most inspiring, compassionate women I've known met in a angel. Deborah is registered RN working in a Florida hospital. She created her own 'Angel Cards' and gifts them to patients experiencing difficulty. Deborah has written an inspiring 'promise' reminding those in pain of her 'watchers in the night'. This little business sized card speaks of a promise to protect, always care, and to keep the patient safe and watched over. Originally cautious about giving these inspirational words to patients because of religious overtones, Deborah, after 30 years of healing people realized that often giving hope and kindness can be more healing than a nurses care. Here’s to you, Deborah. You are my heroine of the day. I am grateful that you remind me to stand in my Truth, knowing that what is ‘Right’ is always what emerges from my/one’s authentic, compassionate Self. It brings forth the question; how am I 'ministering' Love today, whatever I define it as (God, Spirit, Love Intelligence, Angels, Allah, Jesus)? How can I go that extra step in my work today to be a loving presence? How can I be more like RN Deborah? I ask you to reflect on the same.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Greater Yet to Be

Who have you encountered who is so confident, kind, compassionate and intelligent that by simply standing in their presence, you viscerally KNOW, in your bones, that you can accomplish your deepest desires NOW? I had some play time with a crew of these folks yesterday…revolutionary publisher and creative David L. Hancock, the world's leading expert on radio publicity Alex Carroll, and lionhearted publicity Genius, Rick Frishman, the One and Only. These men are Right Power…spiritual volcanoes erupting intelligence, wisdom, joy and promise, supporting us to achieve our deepest desires. Savvy, generous, cool, joyfully motivational, tactically intelligent … I wanted to paint Spirit Capture oil portraits for all of them because of their amazing beauty. Their eyes shine with full potential and dedication. If you are fortunate to meet any of them, you are blessed. I’ve decided to spend a little time Oct 1-2 at their with Mark Victor Hansen. Come to Atlanta and join me! So, who in your life has brought this level of joy, confidence and radiance to your own heart? Who has lifted you into your next level, broadened your boundaries, joked you over your self constructed negative beliefs, or inspired you by their actions into your ‘greater yet to be’? Ask your Self this, and feel into the answer. See into the moment it occurred; allow it to live in every cell of your body, and carry it into your day as a sacred secret. You are a Divine Manifestation of the only thing that is. As am I. You are power, light and love. You are capable, steadfast, filled with integrity and Intelligence. Know it. I know it for you. I hold you to your highest, as these wonderful new friends hold me to mine. Blessings and Namaste, Robbi

Sunday, September 7, 2008


We are the varieties of All that Love is.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

infinite possibility can hurt

sometimes the vastness of infinite possibility hurts my heart. most of the time it's amazing to feel the wonder and excitement of the Great Mystery, but in this very moment, infinite possibility presents a rare moment of emptiness ....the question, "why not now? I do believe in "its" existence, and inevitable marrying of my "it" to me...but I hurt as the sweet, tired me, here on a Saturday night, listens alone to a beautiful singer call out. She paints her pictures with music...her descriptions dance in my head as real as visions of my own erupting on canvas. her voice, my quietude, as a spirit waltz. I am surrounded by beloved friends, the successes, the joys, the abundance, the travels and recognition, excitement and loves. yet here I sit, looking into the black void of a forested night, wondering...waiting for the most treasured piece of infinite possibility to take form and be alive in my personal now by holding my hand and feeling the, "I love you forever. You are golden, you are mine." and so I am home, I hold my brushes in my hand, and begin my own silent waltz with oil paint oil portrait smoothing its textures from my heart to color form. cherished eyes, lips, a brightness and much dark tonight. Contrast. The painted declaration that infinite possibility can hurt....